Falling LP

by Seapony



01. Outside
02. Tell Me So
03. What You Wanted
04. Follow
05. Be Alone
06. No One Will
07. Never Be
08. Sunlight
09. Prove to Me
10. Fall Apart
11. See Me Cry
12. Nothing Left

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released 11 September 2012

All songs by Seapony | Recorded by Danny Rowland | Mixed by Bob Schwenkler at Dub Narcotic Studios | Mastered by Kramer at Noise Miami

Photography and Album artwork by Angel Cebellos
Hardly Art



all rights reserved


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Track Name: What You Wanted
You've been waiting for
Something you've forgotten
You've been waiting for
Something that you wanted so long
You're too old now

I was at the bottom
You were standing still
Waiting in the garden
The foot of the hill

Every day that you let slip away
Every day you let go by
Try to save someone from your mistake
Try to save someone like you
Track Name: Prove to Me
There were more than a few
Times I tried to get through
My heart is always hollow
My heart is sure to follow

I'd like to see you prove to me

Sometimes the things you say
Sometimes so out of place
This time it's up to you
This time you have to choose

I'd like to see you prove to me